Trends to watch for in 2018

2017 is already over and 2018 is ready to take the reins on its hands. So, as a year ends and a new one is about to begin, we take a look at the upcoming trends that will influence the holidays experience. What will travelers seek this year?

Confusing, unexpected and a surprising one were the words used by experts of the field for 2017. Transformative, unpredictable and opportunity for 2018. A new shift is definitely happening. Even thought budgets are under pressure, there is still a strong demand for travel. Recent conducted research shows that 31% of travelers plan to spend an higher amount next year, furthermore 32% are excepted to visit a new resort in 2018. Holidaymakers are constantly seeking new and thrilling experiences.

  • Following on that line, new destinations is the first trend to watch for in 2018. Travelers continuously have grown a taste for alternative and ‘’bizarre’’ destinations. More and more are those who seek an unusual location, something they haven’t seen or experienced before. Be it the Iguazu falls in South America, a coastal city in Vietnam or a resort in the Eastern Mediterranean. New destinations are set to do exceptionally well in 2018.
  • Closely linked with new destinations, is the trend of new experiences. Maybe the main driving point of traveling, that checked box on your bucket list. Unspoiled natural beauties, festivals like the Naadam one in Mongolia, zip-lining, sleeping under the stars in the desert, brand new museums such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, all that can awe you. Travel for the eye, spirit and soul.
  • Classic package holidays are and will still remain the undisputed king of traveling. They provide ‘’the best value option for price’’, and in the past 12 months, 51% of travelers have taken one. The trend won’t slow down in 2018, for simply there is something which you can’t challenge about them. Price, security and certainty all in one.
  • Another trend on the rise in 2018 are low-cost long-haul flights. New aircraft such as Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner will empower carries to provide low prices for long journeys. Combining comfortability with fuel efficiency. Benefiting an increasing number of holidaymakers and making distant destinations more attractive. Low-cost long-haul is definitely a trend to look at and about to consolidate its feet.
  • Luxury options combine different factors to provide a once in lifetime experience. The best of the best of what is to offer, and as the times have passed so the possibilities have diversified. There are two main luxury trends for 2018. The glory and glamour of golden age rail travel with options such as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the Pride of Africa and the Trans-Siberian, or the cutting-edge space technology flights with Boom Supersonic and Airlander 10. Guaranteed to provide something to wow and be a talking point.

2018 trends are to set satisfy and meet even the wildest of traveler’s needs. Giving them unique experiences and benefits as never before. Who can for wait for the next holiday to come.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul