Qualities of a GREAT receptionist!


Every time a guest enters the hotel, stop looking at the screen and welcome him with a smile. This shows you respect for their presence and are glad to have them.

Effective communication

Having good communication skills is a MUST for a receptionist. You will have to be in contact with people having different personalities so it is very important to know how to communicate with each of them. Sometimes knowing more than one language will help you to communicate with your foreign guests. You will clearly surprise your guests if you talk their mother language and this will make them feel more comfortable. Soft skills like friendliness and likability are especially important for the receptionist role.

Excellent listening skills

To be a great receptionist you have to be a good listener. Whenever you are listening to someone on the phone, or answering a question to one of your guests, you have to listen first. Being a good listener will help you understand and solve problems quickly, since you don’t have to ask the guests again and again about what they just said.

Highly organized

As a receptionist you will have to deal with different tasks from taking the calls, welcoming and directing the guests, set up events or meeting etc. So it is very important to have good organizing skills and being able to multitask. Also using a Hotel Management system dedicated to receptionist, such as Reception, will help you to easily manage your guests, their details and reservations all mobile.

Being kind and having a positive attitude

Your guest won’t be always smiling and kind. Everyone has problems in their lives and is important to understand your clients. If a guests start arguing with you out of nowhere, stay calm and don’t act out of frustration. Remind yourself that as long as you are trying your best to accommodate them, you are not the one at fault. And remember, one cannot stay mad to someone that looks calm and smiling.

Good dressing sense

If you have a uniform make sure to have it clean and tidy. You present your company and you are the first impression of the company in your clients’ eyes. Don’t forget, first impression lasts forever. So show professionalism in appearance and attitude.

Stay away from gossip

As a receptionist you will have the opportunity to meet and know most of the people of the company, including here managers, employees and guests. Maybe you will learn more than others about people, but you must keep that information for yourself. Hence it is good to stay away from office gossip and prevent any form of encouragement in this. As it may even cause you problems with your job position. Be trustworthy to be a great receptionist.

Have all the needed information about the company

You represent the company to the clients so it is your duty to know almost everything about the company, from the CEO to the employees. Be well-prepared to answer all the questions that may arise from your clients.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul