Increasing your hotel's visibility online

In today’s day and age a considerable and important component in the overall image of an hotel, is its presence online. To even a degree of make or break for some. In the multitude of choices, it is definitely hard for a potential guest to choose you from the competition, hence a strong and robust strategy to further advance your hotel’s visibility online, is now of more significance than ever. The impact can be seen in revenue loss or growth and clientele numbers; a shift propelled by the digital age.


Here at the Softmogul Blog, we have previously discussed about OTAs and their role. Setting aside different viewpoints about their influence, indisputable is their impact and importance. Online Travel Agencies are a great tool hotels can use to reach a vast market. Whatever size the property might be, small, medium or large, OTAs enable a significant push in room bookings. Travelers more and more have a tendency towards OTAs, for there they can find deals, read reviews and make bookings in one place. There is a bunch of options to choose from, which provide different rates.

Social Media

Online visibility is a synonym with your property’s presence in social medias, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform. Every business, especially hotels can’t neglect their power and the chance to be present in them. They offer a resourceful package of advertising. From posting photos and videos of your property, to receiving rich feedback via comments and reviews, allowing guests to share their experience and affinity. So crucial it is to invest some time in developing your presence in this medium, that even if your don’t have a website, you should have a page across social medias. Reaching a large demographics from millennials via Instagram and a more mature clientele from Twitter and Facebook.


Continuing on the line of building a strong online presence, more and more videos are having their fair share of the impact, especially with YouTube. Videos are one of the best methods to raise a property’s visibility online. Being a really versatile tool which can be used to show to anyone a hotel’s features, level of service, parts, amenities etc. You can film tours, something potential guests are really into, show your surroundings or explain offers, as well show how great your team is, which is excellent for boosting your credibility.


Reviews are one of the more impacting factors that make guests choose A from B hotel, and their impact is growing further by the day. You can check reviews everywhere, from websites and blogs, to the above mentioned forms of social media. The fact is pretty straightforward to understand, good reviews equate to more visibility, poor ones to a decrease in bookings, hence they take their own importance and should be kept in mind. It is great to take in consideration the feedback of your guests and ask them kindly in they can write a review about their experience, this is especially useful for small and new hotels.

The modern “battlefield” today for any business is online. Having the proper presence, makes your property the one to go when clients think for the hotel which they should pick. The few tips mentioned in this article are the current cornerstones of establishing and increasing your hotel’s visibility online.

Klajdi Ballanca

Klajdi Ballanca

Content Writer | Softmogul