Improving your OTAs’ profile

Online Travel Agencies are a great tool hotels can use to reach a vast market. Whatever size the property might be, small, medium or large, OTAs enable a significant push in room bookings, hence it is crucial to have a well-optimized OTA profile. Travelers more and more have a tendency towards OTAs, for there they can find deals, read reviews and make bookings in one place. So, whether you are looking to set up your profile or for ways to improve your current one, welcome to the right place.

When building your profile or updating your current one it is important to get and use the experience of market managers, which will not just help you by setting up and maintaining an exceptional OTA profile, but a tip or two to increase revenues as well. Most likely one will be assigned by the OTAs, and by constantly being in touch with them, they will assist you to the turns and changes in the market. Giving you an understanding of the trends you can capture and use to your benefit, how to tailor your packages, advertising and other small tips as well. This especially important for small and mid-sized properties which can gain a lot from the market manager’s experience.

A good first impression is always crucial and important, the same can be said for a complete and up-to-date OTA profile. Constantly check your profile to see if there is any detail or information missing, it can be a deal breaker for a guest. Be sure to include the link to your website as well. Another vital component to an excellent profile is having great content, high-quality, clear and even wow pictures and videos. You want your property to stand out from the rest. Ensure that you have photos of the rooms from the inside, common areas and amenities, any details that can catch the eye’s attention should be displayed. There is a preference among OTAs as well to rank well-built and complete profiles higher on their page.

Room inventory and room rates are ever changing and managing them on different channels can become a real hustle. A Property Management System (PMS) is a necessary and incredible solution to make sure that your property’s accurate details about room availability and rates are mirrored instantly on your OTA profiles. One such efficient, swift and feature-packed PMS is Reception. Flexibility can be used as a significant strategy. Knowing events that are happening around you such as meetings and conferences you can push your inventory and rates for 1–2 day bookings. All will be instantly updated on your OTA profiles thanks to your PMS and your reservations will take a positive turn.

A key factor that determines the traveler’s choice when he/she decides which hotel over the other to book a room in, are reviews. They are impactful and effect opinions directly when one reads them, making those hotels who have a good number of them more appealing. So, it is important to reply to any kind of review, either positive or negative in order to further advance your OTA ranking, as well as increasing your applaudable reputation online.A pleasant and well-constructed OTA profile translates into an increase in online bookings and should be one of the goals of every hotel owner. The above-mentioned points are sure to put your hotel on that sweet spot when it comes to OTA profiles.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul