How to keep your guests coming back

There are two types of guests that visit a hotel, new and returning ones. Every single visitor has his own significance, yet those who keep coming back are a vital and crucial part in the lifespan on a hotel. Primarily for two reasons, firstly it shows that you and your team are doing something right, receiving the most trustworthy feedback and secondly you have a strong core of clientele. So, it has become more and more important for hotels to invest in their loyal customers and see them coming back every year.

How? Well that is the aim of this article.

Know your guests

Know who your loyal guest is, after all they are your top priority. Recognize and reward their loyalty, make them feel unique, not just another guest. Name of the game is details; from your staff knowing their name and saying how great it is to see them back, to a small handwritten card welcoming them in their room accompanied by a bottle of wine and some chocolates. Engage in light conversations to find out which part of their stay they are enjoying the most, to get valuable Intel for their next visit, what to improve and surprise them. All the little thing combined together will make them more attached to your brand.


One thing that any guest will notice and will make an impression (for good or bad), is how clean a hotel is. It might be surprising to even consider this pivotal detail, yet some hotels manage to neglect it, and not just rooms, stairways, hallways, elevators, the lobby area, the bar and the restaurant, all should be immaculate. Clutter as well or basically anything that can compromise that clean perfect image should be eliminated or better managed. It can be a deal-breaker for any guest.

Special demands

Your employees are the running blood of your property and empowering them will also translate into a better guest experience. Each client has some kind of special demands and the front desk can’t keep up and solve all of them, hence by training your employees to be adaptable to any kind of situation and take quick decision on their own, all those peculiar demands can be solved easier and faster and as a product there will be an increase on guest’s satisfaction.

Under promise and over deliver

Last but not least, try to exceed your guests’ expectations. How can this be achieved? First of all, don’t over-promise, because a disappointed client is likely to never come back, instead focus on what you are good at, your location, prices, amenities etc. Try to surprise your guest, and not necessarily by doing something totally new and grand, but even with small touches that can deliver a good vibe at your client. Give them something more than they would expect from the visit at your hotel, always keep a few aces under your sleeves and you will see them again next year.

Having loyal guests is a great opportunity to have healthy profits and increase your reputation. This great opportunity should be used in a proper way, by keeping delivering better and better services and experiences. When they keep coming back, they will eventually say a good word or two to their friends as well and your numbers will soon be multiplied.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul