How to improve your hotel's customer service

Superb customer service is one of the main pillars that make or break any hotel. Guests are constantly evaluating the level of service they are receiving and their preferences have evolved, to expect more bang for the buck. At the end of the day that’s the prime goal and purpose of hospitality, to provide customer satisfaction and delight better than the rest, in the belligerent hotel industry. You only get one shot to provide outstanding customer service, as recent statistics show, 77% of customers won’t return if their first experience with you is not the one they expect.

The bar is persistently being set higher. Customers know what good customer service is, and they want that to be delivered. They no longer compare you with your competitors, they compare you with their expectations and any kind of excellent customer service they have received in the past. To keep your business competitive in 2018, here are a few suggestions to ensure that your customer service is one for the win.

Better technology

The times have changed and so has the technology evolved, especially in the hotel industry. Today there are incredible software solutions to help you have an edge when it comes to better customer service, such as Reception an incredible PMS (Property Management System) which gives you back valuable time and provides a better allocation of resources, the full benefits of which having you can read here. Such software are no longer exorbitant and any type of hotel can afford them. By investing in the right tech, you will have made the first right step to keep-up with the times and exponentially improve you customer service for the better.

Social Media

Social media has become a crucial way how a property designs its strategy when it comes to marketing, it is also a great platform to keep in touch with your customers. When they need support or the answer of a question, be ready to reply and give them the resolution they are looking for. Do it swiftly and well formulated. When they send you and email, don’t reply after 2–3 days, when it is a call, don’t put it on hold for an hour, the best response will be in a matter of minutes or instantaneous. Customers will appreciate it a lot and think highly of the level of your customer service.


Communication has been consistently the key on improving and fixing any issue. By providing to your guests some kind of platform when they can let you know about the mistakes and flaws in your service, you will benefit a lot. For else wise you would learn about them only after they have gone and never to turn back. By allowing them to express their perceptions and feelings, they will feel more important and by letting it go and the problem hopefully solved, they will go away pleased. Keep a smile on your face and thank them; there is no bad or good feedback, they is only opportunity to learn and improve.

Know your property

Pivotal is to know yourself and your property well, to give valid and reliable generalization. You cannot assume that what you are providing is the best out there. Usually it happens when one hotel believes they are providing great customer service, their guests say otherwise. A study found out that 80% of companies believe they deliver superior service to their customers, but only 8% of their customers actually agreed. Staying close to reality is placing a safe bet on what you can deliver and guests can expect.


Lastly an excellent way to improve your customer service is by investing on a great staff. Rather than focusing totally on their qualifications, look on their attitudes and behaviors, later on down the way you can help and facilitate them to grow their skills as well. That core of an exceptional staff will do wonders and guests will feel the high standard of service they are receiving.

Customer service and the quality of it can be an hotel’s strongest competitive advantage. It is a long term investment (not a cost) whose rewards will be more than you can expect, gradually increasing. So a strong investment on it is the very foundation of a successful path ahead for your property.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul