How to attract business travelers

When talking about business travelers a few things need to be kept in mind, in order to understand the significant importance of this group of travelers. Firstly something that sets them apart from any other group, such as leisure travelers, is that they don’t have a specific travel period, instead an all year round one. Secondly and put simply, they bring in the buck. In 2016 global business travel spending accounted for a staggering sum of around 1.3 trillion $. Thirdly, this market within a market is one whose needs largely are easier to narrow down, since the purpose of one’s trip is pretty much straight forward and under a certain frame. Nonetheless, it is not an effortless procedure to secure these guests, hence below are a few ways to attract business travelers to your property.


Let’s start with step one, transport. Remove the hassle of having to wait for a taxi, renting a car or finding the right bus from your guests, by picking them up at the airport. A nice welcoming gesture much valued, also offer to arrange for their transportation to different venues and meeting places during their stay; it puts the guest’s mind at ease for a key issue in anyone’s traveling.

Save time

Time without doubt is the most valuable commodity there is, hence the famous line, “time is gold’’. Being of the highest value, anything that can save time and reduce its inefficient use is something to invest upon. A great cloud property management systems (PMS) can do wonders on how fast and instantaneous the check-in and check-out processes can be. Our very own PMS, Reception is one of such kind, and among its many features one that still to this day looks like magic to me, is its check-in and check-out procedure, which works by using an iPad’s camera, allowing the software to read the guest’s ID details and immediately fill all the needed data. Payments as well are dealt in a seamless way by our softwares, saving much valuable time there as well, you can learn more about them here.

Great WiFi

A paramount amenity for any hotel has become to have a strong, quick and reliable Wi-Fi connection, for free. Especially for business travelers who need to work remotely, it is without doubt a make or break factor when one chooses where to stay. Just ask yourself a simple question, would you enter a bar which does not have free Wi-Fi? So would one stay in a hotel which does not have a free Wi-Fi connection?


Moving on to another important step, is the quality of the property’s spaces, if they are work-friendly, meaning if the sitting is comfortable, the lighting proper, are there spaces for one to work privately or in a group, are there enough power outlets, or do you have a printer for any papers your guests might want to print.


As we have mentioned in the past the mobile trend continues to rise and having a mobile-optimized website is very beneficial. It gives potential guests a quick way to access information about your hotel at any time. Be clear and precise about your amenities and pinpoint well your property’s location. For business travelers you can create a special easy accessible page that highlights those amenities that appeal to this group and the packages that are geared towards them.


Last but not least, put in place a good loyalty plan. What rewards one might get is known best to you and your strategy of running your hotel, but a few cornerstones should be in place like: making it easy to win reward points and also maintaining them, Best Western’s reward policy has recently gotten my attention, allowing its loyalty member’s points to never expire. And as the name implies, make these guests feel extra special.

Knowing how to attract business guests can be a great way to boost your occupancy numbers, during anytime of the year. Two last notes to be mentioned, study the market well before you target your audience, there are groups of different business travelers which might have different preferences and secondly spread the word to business travel bookers, since you are not targeting the individual primarily, but the companies who organize their employees’ traveling. Keep them updated for the latest updates in your offers, through your site and marketing strategy.

Klajdi Ballanca

Klajdi Ballanca

Content Writer | Softmogul