How to accept all kinds of payments effortlessly

One of the aspects of our everyday lives which has changed considerably in the past decades and continues to evolve, is the way how we process payments. Today customers are presented and use an extensive array of options and alternative methods, making paying for goods and services an effortless procedure. Hotels can benefit substantially by using innovative technology which accept all kinds of payments, to attract more guests. Seeing the new trends and understanding what the customers want and how to facilitate their payments, is of significant importance.

Potential guests today are equipped with this range of paying methods, which can be anything from a classic credit card to a smartwatch, knowing that a variety of options is available to them they can bring whichever payment method they prefer, especially tech savvy ones. Why bring anything else, when you can finish a payment with just the simple movement of your smartphone or wrist.

At Softmogul, we built our software, Reception and Cashier with the feature that enables them to accept all kinds of payments effortlessly. How does it work?

When you start using our platform, we will provide to you an elegant and compact credit and debit card reader, which can easily be attached to any iPad. Get rid of bank terminals and extra fees. There is no need for a setup, you are good to go, no monthly or license fees as well. This card reader allows you to process a variety of payment methods, be them from emv or magnetic cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc, furthermore the card reader can process mobile payments as well. Apple or Android pay from smartphones or from apple and android watches. Our apps accept PayPal payments as well. All these methods available in one simple solution.

There are a few major benefits the usage of such system for payments brings. A reduction in time lost and increase in effortlessness. The guest can be anywhere in a property, be it the lounge area, their room, the bar or the pool, and they can pay just by moving their phone or watch, or by swiping their card, since one the strongest points of Softmogul’s platform is its high level of mobility. Allowing clients to process payments anytime and anyplace they want. This of noteworthy mention for the support and help it provides to the staff as well, since they can better allocate their skills and time by moving where they are needed.

The integration of a way to accept all kinds of payments effortlessly is one of the next steps when it comes to the way how hotels and different properties operate, in technology’s path to facilitate, improve and change for better the hospitality industry. This time, by redefining a procedure that in the end keeps all the structure on its feet. Softmogul’s approach is an easy and all-in-one solution, to simplify, make more accessible the payment method and keep-up with the ever changing needs of guests.

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Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul