Digital marketing tips for your hotel

As a guest enters your hotel, the likeliest of chances are that he or she have found and learned about you on the web. Today’s customers more and more make their final choice based from what that see online. It might become a challenge to shape you digital marketing strategy in a way so that your property might be the next one clients check-in, hence the aim of this article, to facilitate such actions.


A picture is worth a thousand words, what about a great quality video? By displaying a short, well-structured and engaging one-minute clip on your website you will be providing potential customers a taste of what you can offer. Your rooms, amenities, services and especially your ace in the pocket, your staff and the excellent hospitality they will be able to provide. To achieve the first small victory before a client even puts a step inside your property. As statistics and insights show, by 2021 video traffic will make up 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, furthermore videos have a tendency to be retweeted and shared 6 times more than photos. One simple and well done video can be a catalyst to improving your social traffic and augment the prospect of potential guests making a booking.

Social Media

If your social-media game is not on point, this is the time to make a turn and ‘’milk’’ the gigantic impacts and benefits it brings. Sharing your content through different media channels, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will firstly be of the highest value, since you message and brand will be spread faster than before and secondly a link and relation will be created with followers which can always be turned into customers. Design your posts to highlight your hotel and your surroundings and encourage your guests to tag you during their stay and follow you on your social channels.


Reaching out to influencers is another great tip. Influencer marketing can be up to 9 times more efficient than other marketing methods, with 83% of guests choosing your hotel over another if they trust their referral source. And we aren’t talking here just for friends and family, these trusty sources are people your potential clients follow on social media, on their vlogs and blogs and whose perceptions they value highly. Make part of your strategy the incorporation of influencers such as lifestyle bloggers, youtuber's and journalists. Invite them on your hotel for a free stay and let them share with their followers the awesome experience they had with you.


To put yourself ahead of the competition in 2019, capture the recent long-tail keywords trend. As a consequence of a surge in voice search, there has been an advancement in the effectiveness of long-tail keywords. A.I-learning has made possible for interactions to become very close to something human. Asking Google, Siri and other search engines the same questions you would ask a real individual. In 2017, 20% of all mobile search came from vocal queries, by 2020 that number is expected to rise to 50%.

Be organized

Maybe the most important thing when shaping your entire digital marketing strategy, is to have a content calendar. Structuring and formatting your 2019 to conjoin and align marketing assets and content with your business and marketing goals, in order to push well designed campaigns to target all the different demographics and segments of your guests. To gravitate clients interest towards your property and brand all year long, project your digital marketing campaigns during specific and particular events, dates and seasons. Your content calendar is fashioned to you and your business needs and whichever methods that work best, yet a good tip is to have it well detailed, with adequate time in preparation and testing, a clear separation of duties and responsibilities.

The above-mentioned tips will make sure that your digital marketing strategy is a compelling one. Designed to capture the guests’ attention and maximize the audience’s awareness. To make sure that the next hotel a client walks in, is yours.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul