Anthony Melchiorri joins Softmogul

Last week we had the distinct honor to officially welcome Anthony Melchiorri, a world renowned figure in hospitality and the star and host of Travel Channel’s series Hotel Impossible, as a member of Softmogul’s ever growing team. Anthony will be one of the key members in our board of advisors, with his rich expertise in the field and more than 30 years of experience behind his back he will guide and counsel closely our team in shaping Softmogul’s platform to become the best solution for hotels all over the world, in managing their operations, delivering better customer experiences, increasing revenues and exploring new markets to grow.

Anthony visited our offices and after a quick tour and a productive meeting with the leadership of the company, he addressed our team. For him there is a simple philosophy to be followed, be it in business and life, “When it’s done it’s done! There’s no looking back. It’s right and what should be complete is so. You can feel and know that it’s perfect, know the end result before even starting. There are 3 means of getting from an idea to done: working hard to achieve your goals, being obsessed with making it happen and be ready and willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get there. The key to done is knowing when your vision or goal has been realized, no matter how big or small. It’s a mind set. Know what you have to do to get there and start doing it. DONE!’’

The work continues at our offices to develop cutting edge technologies that everyone can easily use and access. Solutions that help hotels deliver efficient management and memorable experiences and give all the chance to become a Mogul. We are extremely happy to have Anthony Melchiorri part of our team and look forward to his next visit.

Albi Zhulali

Albi Zhulali

CEO, Softmogul
New York