6 ways to achieve full occupancy at your hotel

The goal and challenge of every hotel is to achieve full occupancy, no surprise there. The how to that is comprised of a few ways and methods. Some straight to the point and obvious, a few others more unorthodox, but all with the aim to ensure an higher level of occupancy, if not 100%. We comprised a short list of those ways that are fairly easy to implement and most importantly long-term proof.

Know your clients

Starting off with one of the most important and key components on building that desired occupancy level, knowing the right market for your property. By analyzing and looking at records and data, you can create a clear picture of the guests that visit your hotel. Basic demographics such as their age, where they come from, length of stay, profession etc. When you know the right market to target, you know how to shape your packages and promotions, designed specifically to attract that clientele.

Events, events, events

Any event that takes place in or close to your area of operation, is a mine of potential guests ready to be won to increase the level of occupancy, even if it is for a limited time. Be it of any nature, a concert, cultural festival, expo, conference, basically anything that creates some buzz and attracts more people in that area. You can promote the event, and create some perks or have a discount for those attending it and deciding to stay at your property, or go even further and if possible connect with the organizers of the event to list your hotel on their site and leaflets.


Inclusion is as well a largely untapped way of increasing room sales. Making a property more approachable and welcoming to clients. To be more concrete let’s take a few examples to illustrate what inclusion is all about. How many pet-friendly hotels are there around, and especially in your area? How many hotels have their services and facilities designed for people with special abilities as well? Is the hotel family friendly or ready to host events? One answer comes to my mind, potential for growth.


A few months ago, all over social media I read about a new Game of Thrones themed-bar that had opened, the news had spread like wildfire, thousands were discussing about it, the hype was real. This a prime example of uniqueness and how in this case a property can boost its occupancy. Being unique in your design or what you offer, can be the best way to better levels of occupancy. You can literally do anything that has some fanbase, and those people will know where you stand on the map. This can anything from TV series and movies, to art and history.

Highlight your location

Promote your location and highlight all those bits that make your area, town or city attractive to travelers. You can create free tours that go around and show the most interesting parts and places. This can be a really strong selling point to many guests. More and more they want to experience something outside the hotel’s gate, and who better than a local can show them around.

Good old perks

Discounts, loyalty plans and other perks are some of the oldest tricks in the book. Everyone is more likely to choose an option which is on discount than a full price one, simply because they can get a better deal. You can apply special discounts on specific times of the year, especially when occupancy levels are low, or for kids, business travelers and other groups your want to attract. You can throw some nice perks as well instead of discounts to set you apart from the competition, here you can let your imagination free. Lastly create a good loyalty plan and the rewards you will reap will be in abundance.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul