10 Reasons to choose Softmogul as your hotel PMS

A Property Management System (PMS), is one of the most useful tools, if not the most necessary and versatile one to add value and improve the management of a hotel. There are a number of PMS’s today in the market, and choosing the right one can be a task of its own. Softmogul brings a new and innovative take on this technology by building a simple yet powerful PMS, here are the top 10 reasons why to choose Softmogul as your PMS:


Softmogul’s apps have been built to deliver the upmost level of efficiency. Organized to be easy and simple to use, in a clear and well-arranged structure and deliver results swiftly. From the check-in which takes just 20 seconds, to moving reservations with just one drag and drop, accepting all kinds of payment and generating rich and insightful analytics and graphs.


One of the key features that separates Softmogul from the rest of the competition, is its focus on mobility. Having a fully mobile platform that can be used anywhere at any time. Rethinking the approach taken by managers and employees in the conduct of their work. Allowing them to move at different parts of a property and still provide the same services, they would otherwise provide just at a specific location such as the front desk.

Not just a PMS

Softmogul is not just a PMS, it is a well-oiled platform that can enhance and refine the functioning of a multitude of solutions in the managing of a property. Offering a built-in Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Housekeeping, Restaurant/Bar POS, Event Management, Marketing and Payment proccessing in one package.


All the above mentioned parts under the umbrella of Softmogul, have been constructed to work seamlessly with each other. Leveraging the power of a specific app for the particular usage of a situation in another app. Flexibility delivered at its finest.

Instant Updates

It is a well known fact that many current PMSs take at best 6–8 hours just for an upgrade, stopping all operations during that time frame, which translates in quite a loss for a hotel. Softmogul’s updates are instant and you won’t notice any signs of delay. Our team constantly works on upgrading our software. Continuously tweaking, bringing new features and finding ways to deliver a better experience.

Learning curve

Being intuitive and natural to learn is one of the things anyone can firstly notice when using Softmogul. Typically the learning curve for a PMS is around one month, for your team to fully know the system. With Softmogul the learning curve is decreased drastically. Basically it so simple as using one of the apps in your phone.

Cloud Technology

The Softmogul platform is cloud-based, allowing our customers to feel safe about their data and never loosing even a digit or letter. No need for storing devices, all is accessible easily by an iPad at anytime and moment. Our cloud system is disaster recover ready, meaning that the data is always online, is it periodically backed up and synchronized with the device you choose to access it from.


A special part which we focused our efforts in, is to construct a secure ecosystem for us and our clients. Providing them with a state of the art technology tested for its superb performance by the world’s leading security benchmarks. Our trinity of security consists of private clouding, which enables for data to be exclusively used only by the customer to whom they belong, we use PCI security standards for payments and SSL for secure encrypted communications.


Always ready, to answer and help. Softmogul provides continuous support to those who use our software and those who wish to join the community of our services. Delivering top notch quality support every time.


Last but not least, pricing. Our pricing is simple; we charge a percentage-based fee each time you accept a credit or debit card payment. Our apps accept all kind of payments, be them from emv or magnetic cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or other methods such as PayPal and even Apple and Android Pay.

By choosing the right PMS today, you propel your property in the path to success tomorrow. Especially in an highly competitive industry such as hospitality where having even the slightest advantage, can make you stand out from the rest.

Albi Zhulali
CEO of Softmogul